The following is a note we received from Steve:

“The decision about whether or not to go public about my exile is something that I have struggled with for the past nine months. For peace of mind, I have decided and ask for my last name and location to not be published. While being relatively outspoken about my exile may not be the best idea strategically, I want to do everything I can to resist the Grand Jury and the State that has convened this investigation; this includes making information about resistors available to the public. There is much to be said about my current situation, but for now I will be brief. There are many ways one can choose to resist this Grand Jury, and my non-cooperation is merely one way to effectively resist.

I also want to know that they do not have to appear in front of a Grand Jury. My situation is unique, but if for some reason a person has knowledge of their own subpoena but has not yet been served , they should know they have options available that will not risk imprisonment. If one has been served, it is up to their own discretion whether or not to appear. Kerry Cuneen and Dennison Williams  are two other exiles who have opted for total non-cooperation by refusing to appear ; to me, they stand as inspiring examples of what complete non-cooperation can be.

It’s important to remember that it is not only those who have been imprisoned who require support. Different people choose to resist in different ways, and this causes different outcomes, I have the utmost respect for my fellow resisters (whatever the form of resistance). While the media (“progressive” or otherwise) only chooses to report on those who have been imprisoned, the other resistors still stand with their feet firmly planted in their choice of non-cooperation. Please do not forget them.

I want to express my solidarity and complicity with all those accused of damaging the Kenzo Nakamura Federal Courthouse.  I firmly believe in attacking forces of domination wherever they may be, and desire to see these attacks replicated as strategically and frequently as possible. Go for it! I would particularly like to send warm greetings to Kerry and Dennison,

I view my non-participation in this Grand Jury as an act of refusal: refusal to engage with the prosecutors and agents leading the investigation; and refusal to bow to State’s requests.

PS- To all the other exiles out there, wherever you may be: I love you and miss you. Stay strong. Our reunion will be one for the books!


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